Infosys Q4 Results Today Highlights, Revenue, Margins, and Attrition

Infosys Q4 results today highlights, revenue, margins, and attrition rates are available here. Explore Infosys Q4 Results market expectations and its impact on the industry.

Infosys Q4 Results Today Highlights, Revenue, Margins, and Attrition

The second-largest IT services company in India – Infosys is about to share its financial report for the fourth quarter of FY24 on April 18. This comes right after Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) shared its earnings for the March quarter last week.

Infosys Q4 Results Today – Highlights

It’s expected that Infosys may not show strong numbers in Q4 FY24 due to less spending on non-essential items. Though revenue might go down compared to before, the EBIT margin, a measure of profitability, might stay the same because of slower growth. Infosys has been doing great with big contracts worth $13.2 billion in total so far, which is 70% more than last year, in the first three quarters.

Over the past year, Infosys’ share price hasn’t grown at all. In the last month, Infosys shares have dropped by more than 13%, and since the beginning of the year, they’ve fallen by over 8%.

Infosys Q4 Results Revenue, Margins, and Attrition Expectations

In Q4FY24, Infosys is expected to make a net profit of ₹6,142 crore, which is just a small increase of 0.58% compared to the ₹6,106 crore they made in the December quarter. Seven brokerages predict this.

The company’s revenue in USD terms for Q4 is expected to go down by 0.38% to $4,645 million from $4,663 million compared to the previous quarter. This decrease is due to seasonal factors and expected lower sales. In rupee terms, the revenue is estimated to drop by 0.59% to ₹38,590 crore from ₹38,821 crore sequentially because of less spending on non-essential items and seasonal trends.

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